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Fortnite at E3 2018


6 weeks before the start of E3 2018, NEU was contacted by Epic Games to discuss a merchandise partnership for their Fortnite booth at the event.  NEU was tasked with designing + producing the merchandise, organizing the booth setup including POS capabilities, staffing, and selling for the 3-day event. In addition to the booth at E3, Fortnite hosted their first ever Pro-Am, teaming up 50 pro players with 50 celebrities and setting them against each other for their share of a $3 million charity prize pool.  NEU was tasked with this setup as well, providing a merchandise booth with staffing + POS system to make it happen. 


Fortnite wanted a unique array of product with bright colors and fun designs to showcase to their fans at the events and that is exactly what we gave them.  NEU designed a line of product ranging from t-shirts and hoodies, to snapbacks and pop sockets, in a wide range of colors and designs. With over 100 unique SKUs, NEU was able to showcase a full store for the 3-day event.  

Additionally, NEU provided a fully staffed merchandise setup across 3 different locations.  On top of the product itself, NEU provided the merch displays and signage for the booth along with the POS tech to complete all transactions. 


E3: NEU completed more than 3,400 unique transactions, averaging out to over 2 transactions every minute for the 3-day period.


3,400 unique transactions

Pro-Am & After Party: Between these 2 events, we secured an additional 1,100+ transactions during the selling timeframe of 5 hours (over 3.5 per minute).

3.5 transactions every minute

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